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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Multigrain Workshop: a hearty afternoon of bread and sunshine

Sunday's workshop fell on a beautiful sunny October day, so lingering outside was a definite pleasant possibility.  Here's a taste of that afternoon:

Tori (in the mushroom apron below) led the group through the process of making multigrain bread: mixing, kneading, rising, shaping, proofing, and baking.  The Farmer Ground Flour we use mixed with oats, quinoa, and hemp seeds gave the bread a delicious, rich, sweet and nutty flavor.

We try to take at least one group shot in front of the oven each time.  Notice the gorgeous new peels, made for us by good buddy and owner of the Eaton St. house and oven, Megan of RustedGrain Woodshop!

The brick oven is hot for hours and hours, not just the ~45 minutes needed to bake the bread.  We like to take advantage of that by making lunch and snacks in the oven.  It's a blast to cook in!

This month, I whipped up some pizzas and roasted root vegetables.  Megan made a scrumptious parsley pesto for the pizza and the crust had the leftover multigrain mix from the bread kneaded in.

More workshop pictures will be posted in the Flickr group in the upcoming days.  Please join and add your own bread photos!  Whether it's eating our bread or making your own, we can't be the only ones baking...

* * *

Our next workshop will be Sunday, November.  We'll be making Brew House Bread: a new bread from the summer breadshare that has become a runaway hit in our little circle of bread-loving friends.  It's made with spent grain left over after the process of brewing beer.  Much of the grain we use is left over from the Buffalo Barnraisers Homebrew Night, held monthly by friends of ours.  Since November seems a little dicier in terms of weather it will not be held at the earth oven, but will nevertheless be a chance to make your own loaf of artisan bread from our own not-so-secret recipe and talk shop, maybe make a friend!  Join us in the cozy co-op house kitchen for bread, snacks, chat, and perhaps even a brew or two.

Brew House Bread Workshop
Sunday, Nov. 20
208 North St. (corner of North and Elmwood)
Buffalo, NY 14201

In bread we trust,

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