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Friday, November 11, 2011

Brew House Bread Workshop

Every month, the Buffalo Barn Raisers hold a home brewing workshop.  A batch of beer is brewed, the previous month's beer is sampled, knowledge is passed on, and everyone enjoys good drink and good company.  This month's home brew workshop takes place next Tuesday - see the Barn Raisers calendar for more info.

Robert Turley leads the workshop (foreground) while the F&D ladies chitchat (left).  Photo from buffalobarnraisers.com

Why am I telling you all this?  Well, the spent grain (mostly malted barley) from the homebrewing process is what we use to make our Brew House Bread, which is the bread we'll be making from start to finish this month at our workshop!  It's a hearty loaf interspersed with the grains that lend it both flavor and texture.

Join us if you are a brewer, a baker, a beginner, or anything in between!  We'll be baking out of the F&D clay oven but will be spending the rest of the workshop indoors, since it'll probably be chilly in late November.

Brew House Bread Workshop
Sunday Nov. 20
153 Eaton St.
Buffalo NY 14208

RSVP by email or phone:
(716) 534-8385

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Multigrain at MAP farmstand Friday

Hey bread lovers!  Tomorrow (Friday Nov. 4 from 4-6 pm), our multigrain bread will be at the Massachusetts Avenue Project farmstand at 389 Mass Ave.  Drop by, pick up a loaf for your weekend toast and sandwiches, tour the garden, and stock up on their fresh and beautiful veggies all in one stop!

In bread we trust,