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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Meet your bakers

Who is Fancy & Delicious anyway? We're technically a collective, so a whole crew of dedicated folks are involved in bringing the bread to you each week. At the moment, though, there are three women who bake the bread.

Boss lady bakers

Here we are in front of the clay oven. From left to right: Allison is your humble blog post writer and learned to bake bread with the help of books and her mom. She loves teaching workshops and messing with sourdough. Maura is a founder of F&D and provides an infectious energy, mission, and drive to the whole enterprise. She invented elephant bread and built the oven. Tori returns from a summer hiatus bearing formidable skills, an indispensable spirit, and some wonderful new recipes (tried our long-rise baguette yet?) All three have two assets valuable to a baking collective: great baking instinct and an impressive collection of aprons.

This is Matt:

Matt, baker emeritus

A founding member, Matt has "graduated" F&D and gained the distinct honor of becoming our first and favorite Baker Emeritus. He leaves us richer in bread lore, especially in the ancient art of ciabatta, and has offered to lend a helping hand from time to time if needed. Thank you, Matt!

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