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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

If you know a guy...

Fancy and Delicious is currently, constantly searching for these things:

1) Straw (not hay!), or sawdust.
            -->This is to repair the insulation layer on our oven. Straw is ideal, but hard to find. If you know of someone who deals in straw, please direct us. If you have a big pile of clean sawdust, sans chemicals we will take that too. Hay is not useful because it has seeds: bugs will burrow inside to eat them, and break down the oven walls.

2) Clay from the subsoil.
            --> This is also to repair the insulation layer. We need to make a bunch of clay slip. We are also going to be collecting clay for more ovens, which we are going to be building this summer (details forthcoming). So, if you are digging for whatever reason, and coming up with that almost pure clay subsoil, please put it aside for us and we will come take it off your hands ASAP.

3) Kitchen cabinets.
            --> If you know of someone who is re-doing their kitchen, and wants to donate the old cabinets to a good cause, send them our way.

4) Burnable wood.
            --> We are always taking non-varnished and non-painted wood to burn in the oven.

5) Sand, gravel, and firebricks.
            -->These are all oven building materials. The sand should not be all fine, like play sand, but vary in size and be a little gritty. The gravel should be dirt-less. Firebricks are what we use for the hearth floor--maybe you know someone who takes down chimneys?

6) A small mill.
            --> We are hoping to start milling our own flour. If you are the sort of person who happens on unusual machines, keep your eyes peeled.

If you know a guy, or are a guy, for any of the above, call Maura at 994-8340, or email fancyanddelicious@gmail.com

Thanks as always,
with love,
your local, underground bakery.

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