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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Farmer Ground Flour

Shareholders, blog-readers:

For the better part of our existence, F and D has been using local flour, grown in Hamburg (Zittel Farms) and milled in Buffalo (Five Points Bakery). Five Points has decided not to continue wholesale milling, so we have got the locavore blues.

We are looking into the possibility of milling our own flour, but for a number of reasons, this solution may not be a real solution until the late summer or early fall. In the meantime, we need your immediate help. The next closest flour mill is Farmer Ground Flour in Ithaca, NY. We're talking organic wheat, cornmeal, pastry flour, and more! We tested out Farmer Greg's flour last September, and we think it's top notch. But right now, it is not being distributed to Buffalo.

Next time you go to the Lexington Coop, please take the time to fill out a  suggestion form and request that the coop carry Farmer Ground Flour in bulk. And for those of you who are home-bakers, or have started to come to our baking workshops, you will have access to the finest New York state flour money can buy.

Thanks for your help and continued support,
F and D


  1. Hi Matt, this is Tim from the Lexington Co-op. No need to ask - we already carry Farmer Ground Whole Wheat Bread Flour and the Farmer Ground Wheat Bran in our bulk section. Look for it next time you're in.

    We get them through Regional Access out of Trumansburg, NY - so you probably can too!

  2. Thanks for this news Tamar! I was misinformed--and told that you did not carry Farmer Ground. Our quantities are too small to order directly from Regional Access, but Farmer's and Artisan's in Williamsville has been good enough to let us piggyback their order.