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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

City of Good Neighbors

Fancy and Delicious is getting ready for a lot of exciting new things happening this spring. First, we want to announce the start of the Good Neighbor Fund. If you have a few extra dollars to spare per week, you can voluntarily up the cost of your own bread to offset the cost of a neighbor's share--someone who might not buy one otherwise. You decide how much you want to give. The math is simple: if you give $75 (the cost of your share plus $25), someone can afford a share at $25 ($2/loaf). The more you give, the more people get to eat our bread. Help us increase access to healthy food, and start to level the playing field.

The third share will begin on April 19th, so you have a little time to figure out if and how much you want to participate (and we hope you will). However, the sooner you tell us, the better. To thank you for joining up, Fancy and Delicious will give you a little something extra, a little something F and D at the start of the third share.

If you have any questions about the Good Neighbor Fund, or want to sign up, call Maura at (716) 994-8340, or email us at fancyanddelicious@gmail.com. As always, please tell your friends and neighbors about us. Your local underground bakery depends on the good word (of mouth).

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