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Monday, June 25, 2012


We're gearing up for another 12 week bread share.  It starts June 30 - which is this Saturday.  If you haven't signed up or renewed and would like to, please email us! or call us! (716) 534-8385

More details:

The share will run from June 30 to Sept 22 and will skip the weekend of August 11.  It costs $60.  Pickup will be from 2-4pm at the Nickel City Co-op house at 208 North St. (the big brick house at the corner of Elmwood and North.)  We usually distribute the bread on the porch; if not, the front door will be open and we'll be in the front room.

We'll be offering familiar breads like sourdough, deli rye, struan (sweet whole wheat multigrain), and of course our cult favorite cinnamon raisin.  We'll have new breads on offer like a sweet oatmeal loaf that's great for toasting, a sourdough with seeds, and we're developing a pumpernickel recipe.

Our flour is organic, grown and ground in Ithaca.  We use local honey and will be switching to alternate sweeteners for our cinnamon raisin swirl (formerly white sugar.)  We buy our ingredients from local distributors and when possible source them from independent stores in Buffalo a bike's ride away from our kitchen space. 

Our success in the past and hopes for the future are grounded in our connections with community members who love our bread, believe in our mission, and support our vision to become Buffalo's cooperative artisan bakery and spread our baked goods far and wide. 

In bread we trust,

p.s. Join us on Wednesday at 8:30pm for our forum on worker cooperatives!

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