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Thursday, March 8, 2012

This week's bread (March 10)

On Saturday we'll be offering two fresh new faces in the bread lineup and of course a perennial favorite.

Cinnamon raisin, still hot from the oven
Nickel City Sourdough
An American original.  This bread is made with a sourdough starter we maintain, which lends it a flavor and rising power specific to Buffalo-area wild yeasts making it a truly local bread.  Pick up this boule if you'd like to see how F&D interprets the age-old naturally leavened bread tradition.

New recipe for this season!  Instead of baking yeast, we use brewing yeast from a culture used by noted homebrewing enthusiast R. Turley, who runs the Buffalo Barn Raisers home brewing workshop each month.  It's also packed with spent grain from the brewing process.  A hearty and unique bread!  (And if you're wondering, it doesn't taste too beery, and not at all like hops)

Cinnamon Raisin
Cult following?  Pretty much.  We offer this bread every week by popular demand.  Our cinnamon raisin features a hefty dose of whole wheat flour, local honey, and a cinnamon sugar swirl that melts into a delicious goo.  Has been known to occasionally convert raisin bread haters.  Bring one home to satisfy that sweet tooth.

If your heart is set on getting a specific one of these, email us and we'll reserve you a loaf of the desired type!

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