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Sunday, August 15, 2010


Friends and Shareholders:

In the recent share, Fancy and Delicious has gotten more and more direct involvement from shareholders, far beyond monetary contributions. In light of this, and to the point of our existence, we are formally taking on the identity of a collective, rather than that of an underground business. This means that all shareholders now have decision-making power. What kind of bread do you want to eat? Do you want F and D to be legal? Do you think we should teach a workshop on making scones? 

The first official F & D Shareholder meeting will occur on Saturday, August 28 at 2 pm at 153 Eaton St. You do not have to be a shareholder to attend--it's a great opportunity to get a better sense of what we are doing at Eaton Street, besides baking good bread. Come to learn more about our projects, find out about how our collective identity will increase accessibility to good bread for you and your neighbors, and contribute to our brainstorming/visioning session.

The next share will begin September 2nd and 3rdwith up to 30 more shares available for sale. Please help us spread the word. Thursday pick up remains on Grant St., 5-7 pm, and Friday pick up remains on Eaton St., from 5-7 pm. Reserve your spot today!

The next baking workshop will take place on Sunday, August 22 from 12-5 pm. As always, we will have a pizza lunch. Capacity is limited, so reserve a spot, and show up on time if you want to bake! Otherwise, stop by and say hello as we hang out in the garden, waiting for our bread to rise and bake. 

We know summer isn't over, but we're very excited about baking in the fall, and we hope you will join us again.

Til soon,
Fancy and Delicious Baking Company (Collective). 

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